Make a claim

Any incident resulting in injury or financial loss where there is a formal demand for compensation from a third party should be reported to QGIF as soon as possible.

For property damage claims, QGIF requires notification as soon as practically possible for any claim above your Agency’s deductible (excess), as shown on your Agency’s Insurance Certificate.  Generally the deductible will be $10,000 or less.

You can make a claim by emailing us or by completing and submitting the online Claim Form below.

Initial Notification of Incident/Claim Form

  • Is the Insured Agency registered for GST?
  • Is the Insured Agency entitled to claim input tax credit on the premium paid for the policy year in which this incident occurred?
  • If yes to what extent is the Insured Agency entitled to claim an input tax credit? (Please mark one box only)
  • for third party claims: date claim is first made on Insured Agency.
  • for other claims: date Insured Agency first aware of incident:
  • First NameLast Name 
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  • Description of property lost/damaged/stolen (including who owns the item if not the Insured AgencyReplacement or Repair CostITC% Entitlement 1Amount Claimed 
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  • 1Under the terms of the QGIF insurance policy, QGIF is required to indemnify the Insured Agency for the actual loss incurred. If the Insured Agency (or a third party making a claim on the Insured Agency) is entitled to claim an ITC on the replacement or repair of an item of property, the amount claimed should be net of any GST component.