Our team

QGIF Management Team

Bill Dwyer

General Manager, QGIF

Bill was appointed General Manager in January 2018, having previously been the Director, QGIF Claims since May 2014. Bill has more than 25 years’ legal and insurance experience in both the public and private sector and across a broad range of claims and product management positions. Bill’s responsibilities include providing strong strategic leadership in delivering a cost-effective self-insurance function for Government assets and liabilities and providing advice to government on insurance-related issues.  Bill holds a Graduate Certificate in Business (Public Sector Management) and was admitted as a solicitor to the Supreme Court of Queensland on 31 March 1981.

Dan Wotton

Manager, Stakeholder Relationships

Dan has worked at QGIF for over 10 years in various positions including 6 years as Manager, Claims and was appointed Manager, Stakeholder Relationships in February 2018. Dan’s new role works with both our underwriting and claims teams and focuses on the unique relationships that each stakeholder has with QGIF to ensure that the partnerships are strong, enduring and effective.  Dan has 28 years’ insurance industry experience having previously held positions in large international insurers and brokers both in the UK and in Australia.

David Vincent

Director, Claims

David has overall responsibility for the delivery of QGIF’s claims management services.  Through proactive best practice philosophies, David and his team are ensuring that the value proposition of a government insurance fund is realised.  David has over 25 years’ insurance experience including roles in personal injuries claims management and underwriting, along with positions involving insurance regulation and government policy development. David has been with QGIF for 10 years in both our underwriting and claims teams.

Serge Jacobs

Manager, Underwriting

Appointed as Manager, Underwriting of QGIF in 2011, Serge has over 40 years’ insurance experience predominantly as an Underwriting Manager with Wesfarmers Insurance for 10 years and in various roles with the Suncorp Group for the 10 years prior.  Serge’s responsibilities include risk assessment and premium setting as well as assisting agencies with their insurance enquiries.  He also works closely with the State Actuary’s Office as well as QGIF’s reinsurance broker to ensure the State’s assets are well protected in times of disaster.

Underwriting Team

  • collects underwriting information from agencies
  • works with the State Actuary’s Office to assess the outstanding claims liabilities and determine and allocate premiums sufficient to meet current and future claims
  • provides insurance information and advice to agencies
  • manages QGIF’s reinsurance program
  • monitors the performance of QGIF’s reinsurance broker.

Claims Team

  • provides advice to agencies regarding the claims process
  • manages all claims to ensure best possible outcomes in accordance with Model Litigant Principles and agency procurement requirements
  • engages legal service providers, loss assessors and other experts considered necessary in the management of claims.

Governance Committee

  • meets quarterly to consider QGIF’s strategic direction, significant operational issues and to review and monitor QGIF’s financial performance
  • considers any Budget implications as well as the outstanding liabilities of the Fund and approves annual premium recommendations
  • chaired by the Executive General Manager – Risk and Intelligence (Qld Treasury), with the Deputy Under Treasurer (Fiscal), the Insurance Commissioner and the State Actuary as members.